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shouts to all the band kids who worked really hard to master an instrument in high school and double shouts to the ones who wore goofy outfits and did it in choreographed steps like seriously that sounds outrageously difficult like poaching a perfect egg but yeah denny’s has yr backs and you’re welcome in our humble diners after any and every recital, concert, home game, et al. 





Shake it Off (Official Instrumental) - Taylor Swift

This is beautiful.

I REMEMBER HEARING THIS IN THE BACKGROUND BEFORE THE LIVECHAT. That clearly means that the instrumentals to 1989 was most likely playing that time! AHHHHHHH


Thanks!! I was looking for it!!!

The Way I Loved You (Acoustic) - Taylor Swift (x)
Get this song for free here (x).
Get the album “Fearless (Acoustic)” for 4.99 here (x).

Oh, Taylor

She’s in! Taylor Swift has a new big gig, signing on for a role with The Voice, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal.

The “Shake It Off” singer, 24, will be joining the upcoming seventh season of the NBC competition show as an advisor. A source tells Us that Swift will serve in the same…


The best thing I have ever seen. Ever


Lucy Hale || The moment she finally met Taylor Swift.


reasons why i stop replying: 

  1. i’m busy
  2. you’re boring
  3. i’m mad
  4. you replied with one word
  5. you asked for a pic

look on the bright side..

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